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I'm a Web &
Graphic Designer

I have always been a bit of a techno geek since being a whippersnapper! I also love doodling and creating stuff with my pens and crayons. I am sure I got my first computer (Amstrad CPC-464) when I was still in nappies (maybe a bit older??!??) and I have been hooked to everything IT and techie ever since.

Because of this geeky personal interest my family, friends and friends of friends have called upon my talents to create stuff for them. I have over many years built websites; developed brands and and deployed them on various digital media and website sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook; created graphics for logos; set up social media sites, built apps - and ByFunkyoid was born.

What I can do for you.

Web Optimization Concept Design

Website Design & SEO

I can design any website to meet your needs. I use WordPress as the structure so it's easy to update. I fully understand search engine optimisation (SEO) and I make sure I tweak every part of your website so it ranks high.

Social media and content sharing

Social Media

I can set up business pages and groups on all social media platforms and link them to your website. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc I have experience with them all.

Top view of typewriter and wooden cube with text BRAND on wooden background.

Brand Identity

You don't have a brand yet or fancy a refresh? I have created brands for numerous business that meet their ideals and customer needs.

Hand Holding Notebook With Drew Brand Logo Creative Design Ideas

Graphic Design - Online and Print

I can design any graphics needed for online and print such as logos, business cards, signage and posters. I also provide licences for all images I use - so you are covered legally.

Content is King, Text on paper in Vintage type writer machine from 1920s closeup with paper

Content Management

Would love a website or social media sites but you have no idea what to write? I have experience in creating all the copy needed so you don't have to, and it is always optimised for search engines too (SEO).

Program code on computer display in magnifying glass. Close-up

Valid HTML Code

I'm old school in that I can actually understand the code behind the website. I therefore build fully valid HTML websites.

My Portfolio

Sign on a wooden background saying 'Brightside Solutions'

Brightside solutions

Brand Identity / Web Design / Print

Hand holding a business card for The Ordinary

The Ordinary

Brand Identity / Print / Website / Social Media

Geometric shapes with the words ''

Doodlebop Designs

Brand Identity / Website

Image of lead singer out of Tiderays


Web Design / Print

Picture of a three pointed gold crown

Jane Guitar Queen

Brand Identity / Web Design

Albury Fires website

Albury Fires

Brand Identity / Web Design / Social Media

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